The Barcelona based streetwear brand Pull Up Wear was founded in 2005 inspired by the passion for Jamaican music and culture.

Street art, urban music and social-cultural movements are directly related to the brand too. This connection doesn’t only involve design; Pull Up Wear supports artists and musicians and cooperates with a huge number of publications, social initiatives and regular music events like the Boombastic Club or the Bam Bam parties in Barcelona to name a few. It is all about working together and sharing knowledge!

Pull Up Wear’s aesthetic is created by Leggo, a freelance creative graphic designer and illustrator from Barcelona based in Berlin with a long relationship with the Caribbean lifestyle as part of Nyahbingi Sound, one of the longest-living Reggae colectives from Spain, as well as creating artworks for countless parties, concerts and album releases.

We work exclusively with 100% cotton t-shirts, with double seam and high-quality silk screen printing. Our prints are handmade with certified inks in the little town of Celrà, Girona, by Partisano, a collective with more than 20 years of experience printing t-shirts. All our products are environment-friendly. Heavy emphasis is placed on the minimun creation of waste. All our new tees were three times silk-screen printed, on the front, on the back and inside of the t-shirt. In addition they all have a small label hand-stitched at the bottom of the t-shirt.

Pull Up Wear is starting a long journey and from here, we encourage you to get on board and to be a part of this project, which started more than 10 years ago and is now back with renewed energy.